Wisdom Sports Events  Company is a high-quality brand in the sports industry. It is an important partner of governments at all levels in large-scale events, venue operations, sports services, etc. It has the long-term operation rights of IP addresses in China's multi-regional marathon events and the IP operation rights of international events. There are more than 25 provincial capital cities and economically developed regional cities, and more than 200 city marathon events have been operated. Up to 2018, Wisdom Road Race have organized 2 IAAF gold and 2 IAAF silver races. The rest are domestic signage events. This achievement rank the first among the world road running company.

Wisdom Sports Events Co.,Ltd. owns the copyright of the national marathon series "Run China" and is the operator of the series. "Run China" is jointly launched by China Central Television (CCTV), Chinese Athletic Association and Wisdom Sports, and is a national marathon. The series is the only marathon races that live on CCTV. The company is also the initiator and operator of the "Belt and Road" Marathon Series, and has already joined the series in several international competitions. At the same time, Wisdom Sports and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly own the "Smart Marathon". This event has been carried out in many places in cooperation with China's smart city construction.


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